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NCR stands for No Carbon Required. This is the most common form of duplicate books used today, and reduces the time required for tedious form filling, using special chemistry on the front and back of the paper to transfer to the copy below.


We can print NCR Forms for you from A6 up to A3 size, and they can be printed in Single pantone colours or Full colour. We commonly print sets of 2 sheets, 3 sheets or 4 sheets. These forms can be sequentially numbered and drilled with 2 or 4 holes.


NCR Forms can be left loose, padded into sets of 50 with a flap-under writing cover, or stapled into books. Leaving loose allows easier distribution to multiple staff, pads allow comfortable writing from a clipboard or desk.


NCR books have the major advantage of the option of perferation. This means that selected copies can be left in the book, while others are torn out to give to clients etc. This is ideal for Drivers on the road requiring paperwork, or for a well-organised office. 





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