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Below are some of our Machines, which are used to create our print.


Traditionally short run colour printing has been prohibitively expensive, but not so now. With our Develop 6501 Digi Press we can produce short run in sizes up to SRA3 (320 x 450mm) in full colour CMYK.

We can print onto Satin or Gloss Art papers and boards up to 350gsm. This is ideal for Company Reports, Dissertations, Leaflets/ Fliers (from A6, A5, A4 & A3+) Business Cards, Brochures and Folders.

With the latest CREO Controller we can multi paste single files or step and repeat to paginate work. This can be useful when supplying your own Artwork as only one file of each need be supplied. This removes the hassle of creating templates and large files that will not e-mail.

Colour consistency is assured with the X-Rite Photo spectrometer which calibrates the machines colour profile for every job . This allows us to match closely to customer profiles.

Just attach your files and e-mail a description of the job and quantity to or use our File upload page and we will do the rest....

What could be simpler!




Roland are perhaps regarded as the best in their field when it comes to large format multimedia printing. We run a Versaworks 540 which prints with ecosolvent ink, which is much less harmful to the environment than regular solvents. The prints are fine for outdoor use and do not require laminating which reduces the cost.

We can print Banners, Posters, A Boards, along with Vinyl Stickers which can be cut into any shape (ideal for Service/ Maintenance Labels where heat or moisture is a problem).

All our media is ideal for outdoor use and does not require lamination. We can also print and mount onto foam board and plastic corrugated board for Table Plans, Exhibition Panels, and Builder’s Boards.

Banners can be printed with glued seams and eyeletted for attractive hardwearing outdoor signs. We produce A-boards and vehicle graphics which we can fit for you.



Digital Black & White printing using our Develop 1051 machine allows us to print Single and Double sided, Staple in three positions, Hole Punch (2/4 holes), and Fold in five different ways. All of these from file or hardcopy original with class leading quality and speed (at 110 copies/min). Halftones and tints are sharp and consistent which is ideal for publications which have photographs or fine text. We can print onto a variety of weights from 65gsm up to 300gsm. We can print from your supplied files in the following formats:

Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls), Microsoft Powerpoint (.pps), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Adobe indesign (.indd), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Adobe illustrator (.ai).


Just attach your files and e-mail the quantity to or use our File upload page and we will do the rest....

What could be simpler!


We run two Heidelberg presses, capable of printing sizes up to SRA3. We use both Pantone inks and also mix colours to create perfect spot colour matches. Using multi-colour presses, they compete with digital printing with their production speed of up to 133 impressions per minute.


Heidelberg are considered one of the best if not the best offset press manufacturer, and we have been a Heidelberg house for many years.


Offset presses are capable of incredible speed and accuracy, they are capable of maintaining this accuracy throughout the entire run. This allows perfect registration with up to 4-colour production.


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