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Enviromental Responsibility


At Paper and Print, we believe that all companies have a responsibility to the environment. Using paper, electricity, and several other raw materials means that companies also take away from the environment. This creates what is known as a 'Carbon Footprint', which is a total amount of carbon dioxide which is added to the environment by any company.

As a responsible company, we offset our Carbon footprint using the methods below.

  • All paper and Litho Press supplies used by Paper and Print are recycled. This means that the production and trees used in the creation of the paper can be effectively re-used.

  • Wherever possible, we use recycled paper. This further offsets our carbon footprint.

  • To ensure that we maintain the environment, especially in our local area, we are registered with the Woodland Trust. This means that our total carbon usage is directly offset by creating woodland in the U.K. equal to the amount of Carbon Dioxide we produce. We have created 280 m2 of new woodland already!

To find out more about the Woodland Trust and how you can get involved, please click below.

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